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MyMate Newsletter

June 2017

The great forest

MyMate Project

Project MyMATE will develop a platform and content management system capable of addressing the different needs of the individual elderly user. The MyMATE environment will involve a community of elderly volunteers, coordinated from the elderly care centres/care providers, acting as “human sensors” responsible for providing the interface with the system in the elderly primary user’s home, thus providing the emotional and “human face” to the structure. An innovative gamification approach will lie at the heart of the MyMATE solution.

First Technical meeting held in the framework of MyMate Project.

Last 24 and 25th November, some of the Project partners, InnovaTec, WhiteLoop and Brainstorm held a technical meeting in Alicante...

MyMate Six Monthly Meeting in Bucharest

September 2016:  The MyMate consortium met in Bucharest at Ana Aslan International Foundation´s facilities.

MyMate first technical meeting in Valencia

February 2016: The partners in the MyMate consortium met in Valencia at the home of project coordinator Brainstorm.

MyMate Consortium Meeting in Utrecht

On the 17th May,  partner DigitaleZorg kindly hosted the second consortium meeting

User Engagement Workshop in Spain

In December 2016, partners White Loop, Brainstorm and Innovatec ran a series of user engagement workshops

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User Engagement Workshops in Bucharest, Romania

In January 2016, partners White Loop and Ana Aslan

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Development of MyMate Application

In MyMate project, our team of engineers is working hard

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Focus Groups in Romania

Two Focus Groups have been performed so far.

Focus Group in Spain

At the end of April, ALTEA Spain organised a series of Focus Group

MyMate Project presented in EADC

On the 19th and 20th of May 2016 was organized the first of the biannual meetings of EADC

IV International Conference on Social and Complementary Currencies: Money, Consciousness and Values for Social Change

The 4th international conference on Complementary Currencies and Time Banks

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