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MyMate Newsletter

December 2017

The great forest

MyMate Project

Project MyMATE will develop a platform and content management system capable of addressing the different needs of the individual elderly user. The MyMATE environment will involve a community of elderly volunteers, coordinated from the elderly care centres/care providers, acting as “human sensors” responsible for providing the interface with the system in the elderly primary user’s home, thus providing the emotional and “human face” to the structure. An innovative gamification approach will lie at the heart of the MyMATE solution.

Romanian AAL Officer Visits Singular Logic

On Tuesday, 12th of December, the Romanian AAL officer has visited Singular Logic

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MyMate solution has been presented as a poster within the 27th Alzheimer Europe Conference (27AEC)

The abstract “Seniors to help seniors – MyMate an integrated ICT-based solution to create a social community among seniors” has...

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Preparing for the Dutch field trials

Monday 20 November Dutch partner Stichting Digitalezorg.nl met with one of the user trial centres

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Meeting held in Valencia with a view to the imminent MyMate´s validation

After the MyMate mid-term review meeting

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The Aha! Experience With Mymate

Aha! is a short and funny exclamation

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Borromean Rings & the Colour of Wisdom

A well-known business guru said that it is easy to discover innovators

MyMate integrates Volunteering and Ageing

As the population ages and public budgets dwindle, a space for social innovation opens up.

MyMate for furthering independent style of living

The choice between assisted living (AL) and independent living (IL)

Mymate: A Channel for care and communication

Wise answers come from clever questions and boomers remind that the answer is in the wind

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