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MyMate Newsletter

April 2018

The great forest

MyMate Project

Project MyMATE will develop a platform and content management system capable of addressing the different needs of the individual elderly user. The MyMATE environment will involve a community of elderly volunteers, coordinated from the elderly care centres/care providers, acting as “human sensors” responsible for providing the interface with the system in the elderly primary user’s home, thus providing the emotional and “human face” to the structure. An innovative gamification approach will lie at the heart of the MyMATE solution.

MyMate Begins Recruitment Phase

Our project has now moved into the critical validation process.

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Promotional Videos of MyMate

During the last month, we have been preparing promotional videos of MyMate Project

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Ana Aslan International Foundation (ANA) initiated in March 2018 the process of creating and developing a community of volunteers for MyMate and other AAL projects

Although the attitude towards volunteering has been catching up in the last decade in Romania,

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Dutch The National Foundation for the Elderly joins MyMate trials

In April Dutch partner Stichting Digitalezorg.nl signed the collaboration agreement with the National Foundation for the Elderly (NOF).

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The MyMate technology is ready for being tested

  The technology developed in MyMate project consists of two different applications:

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