On July 31, 2018, Ana Aslan International Foundation organized a workshop to present its latest projects underway.

The projects presented in this workshop were: TSBank, Senior TV, MyMate, Petal, IOANNA and Ella4Life. All 6 projects are co-funded by the European Union through the AAL (Active and Assisted Living) Program and UEFISCDI Romania.

At the end of the presentations, we enjoyed an open and productive discussion with our guests, representatives of senior organizations, of public and private organizations providing social assistance and medical care to elderly people; the volunteers who tested the solutions from MyMate and TSBank also contributed to the debates and shared their experiences from the testing of the two solutions.

The event was successful, very interactive, being received with great interest from all the guests.

In particular, following the project’s presentation and the enthusiastic inputs from the volunteers testing MyMate solution we received a formal request to prepare a commercial offer for the General Directorate for Social Assistance of the Bucharest Municipality (DGASMB) which intends to acquire the platform within their strategies for encouraging volunteering among seniors.

At the workshop participated representatives of DGASMB (General Directorate for Social Assistance of the Bucharest Municipality), DGASPC S1 and S6 (General Directorate for Social Assistance from Sectors 1 and 6 of Bucharest), the CARP Omenia Association, the Habilitas Association, the Romanian National Federation of Pensioners, the “Niciodata Singur” (Never Alone) Association, the Princess Margareta Foundation, the Anti-Parkinson Association, the White-Yellow Cross Foundation. Also, the event was covered by Radio Romania Actualitati.

Dissemination Workshop 2