Last 24 and 25th November, some of the Project partners, InnovaTec, WhiteLoop and Brainstorm held a technical meeting in Alicante (Spain) with the aim of establishing the methodology to be followed from now on in terms of end- user´s needs and requirements definition. The occasion served as an opportunity to plan the activities which will be undertaken as part of Work Package 1 of the MyMate Project “User Consultations and Requirement Definition”. These discussions will provide the basis for this work and will be expanded upon during subsequent months and through interactions with other project partners.
The main purpose of the work to be carried out in WP1 is to ensure that all user groups are adequately and appropriately involved in the process of defining the scope and nature of the MyMate solution. Therefore, project partners will define and generate a set of tools and protocols that will enable the consortium to complete this engagement in a way that provides sound and useful feedback that will form the basis for specifications later in the Project.