At the end of April, ALTEA Spain organised a series of Focus Group within the framework of MyMate Project at the CEAM´s premises, the sessions were addressed to primary and tertiary groups of users. The first session corresponded to the consultation process with the tertiary users, who are mainly professionals in charge of elders´care coming from different areas of expertise such as pedagogues, social workers, social health care trainers and home care assistants. A total of nine professionals participated in that session where the fundamental aspects included in the questionnaires especially prepared for these consultative meetings were discussed. Subsequently, the consultation process with primary users was conducted, this group of users is formed by those seniors who require specialised care and suffer frequently from loneliness. In that case, 7 participants from the residence of the CEAM in Altea took part in the activity. It was a touching and pleasant session in which a total consensus was reached on the essential aspects of their care through MyMate program.

In May it is foreseen to undertake the last Focus Groups with tertiary users, consisting of retired seniors who would be glad to share their time as volunteers while taking care of older people whose situation is delicate. In short, they would become informal voluntary caregivers of those people most in need.