Juan works at the main elderly care centre in ElcheHe loves his job but it’s become increasingly difficult to provide the care that the growing number of elderly people need. It’s particularly hard to spend time in the community with elderly people living in their own homes and suffering from isolation. Juan knows how much of a factor that is in dementia and other forms of physical and mental illness.

MyMate has offered the centre a way of reaching out into the community at low cost and utilising very willing and able elderly volunteer carers. Juan had to spend some time getting up to speed with the MyMate dashboard and setting up primary and secondary users. But once that was done, he can manage up to 30 secondary users at once, each of which is being a mate to 3 or 4 primary users. All Juan has to do is send the secondary users missions from the pre-configured menu and then monitor how the missions are going from the reporting screens.

What Juan loves about MyMate is that the centre is now in touch with more than 100 elderly people living in the community in their own homes. The secondary users provide regular feedback on the health and wellbeing of these elderly people in a way that would just not have been possible before. This leaves Juan free to focus on those elderly people with real health problems. And best of all, MyMate has created a real sense of friendship and support amongst all of the users, including Juan.