The choice between assisted living (AL) and independent living (IL) depends on how well an individual can manage daily activities (DLA) without extra assistance. And for many people independent living means wellbeing.

But to achieve a good independent living is need not only cognitive and physical abilities but also enjoying a good state of psychological and spiritual peace what is not always an easy job. As a fact, many elders suffer from loneliness and lacking affection what endangers the health and produces cognitive issues.

MyMate is built upon elder caregiving by senior volunteers. And that means hitting two targets with one shot. Elderly take and seniors volunteers give, but conversely, care elderly give and seniors volunteers take in a process known as co-creation.

How is the process created?. Everything starts with a functional assessment of daily activities. Identifying the type of help the elder people need. Then selecting the volunteers who can best meet those needs. The first step determines the mission to be performed by the selected volunteers. The communication is done through an app that has a push technology embedded.

Selecting the missions by the Care Center and sending messages to the available volunteer seniors asking them if they are able to provide the service. At any moment, the reached volunteer seniors are free to accept or refuse the mission. No questions. If accepted the mission the Care Center can track the stage of the care service and later reward with points and medals the way the volunteer has performed the mission.

Establishing and creating a relationship with the other self that belongs to other generation that has lived other circumstances and survived them can be very satisfactory if a good communication is created between both of them. Transfering knowledge, experience, memories can be a pleasure if the other person has the gift of listening and the ability of learning. Understanding that the time is short and ageing well is an art.

On top of that, helping to someone who has difficulty with any of the daily “independent” activities, when provided with volunteers caregivers, provides to the Care Centers extra resources and open area of activities related to lifelong learning. Training and teaching the volunteers on nutrition, exercises, and psychology can be extra for those who appreciate the freedom of living independently. MyMate is designed thinking on that.