Anna_Poster_1The abstract “Seniors to help seniors – MyMate an integrated ICT-based solution to create a social community among seniors” has been succesfully presented in the poster session from the 4th of October, by dr. Alexandru Sterea, a member of the scientific team of ANA, having as co-authors the entire MyMate Consortium.

The presentation highlighted the findings on the most important needs and requirements of the seniors and of the other stakeholders; it also covered the challenges that can occur in creating a sense of community among elderly people and it will reveal the potential as a social impact of the MyMate platform. A lot of conference participants visited the MyMate poster and engaged in interesting discussions around the project’s concept and its envisaged original solution.

This conference was held under the motto “Care today, cure tomorrow” and has focused on the exciting research aiming at finding better treatments and interventions to prevent or delay the onset of dementia, whilst at the same time providing concrete solutions to improve the quality of life, support and care of people currently living with the condition.