Sophia retired from her job in a bank 10 years ago. Since then she has travelled and spent time with her children and grandchildren. As she approached 70, she felt the need to do something else with her time. She always liked the idea of volunteering but never found something that really appealed to her. Then MyMate came along.

As someone who enjoys meeting new people, Sophia really liked the idea of MyMate. She would be mate to three elderly people and would have the chance to build relationships with these elderly people. And through the MyMate app, she would be able to manage her MyMate missions and give feedback to the elderly care centre.

Being part of MyMate gives Sophia a great sense of purpose – she really feels like she is making a difference to the lives of the mates that she visits. And she provides feedback on their wellbeing to the elderly care centre, ensuring that they are all well looked after. What’s more, the MyMate app awards her points every time she completes a MyMate mission. Her plan is to get enough points to take Maria, one of her mates, to her favourite café for coffee and cake. They both love coffee and cake!